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Hello readers of Tran Viet Ha Blog, today Ha shares with those interested in the Crypto platform an attractive promotional event of BingX. This is one of the largest exchanges and has a large trading capacity. And this is a program exclusively for readers of Tran Viet Ha Blog. If you register for Bing


Only for the HATIKTOKER MMO community

➡️ Register new account and KYC
– BingX link: https://bingx.com/invite/VLU3EZ
– Or enter referral code: VLU3EZ

BONUS 90 USDT (bonus + trial funds) when participating in professional contract trading with BingX! Register by Link or by invitation code.

Sign up for Bingx to receive a $90 bonus
Sign up for Bingx to receive a $90 bonus
Join to receive rewards now: https://bingx.com/vi-vn/act/template/7086?randomId=2629238411&ref=VLU3EZ
Task 1 – Complete KYC – Get 10×5
Task 2 – First deposit 10 USDT – Receive 20×5
Task 3 – First trade 100 USDT – Receive 30×5
Task 4 – Total trading volume 20,000 USDT – Receive 10 trial funds
Task 5 – Total trading volume 80,000 USDT – Receive 20 trial funds

BingX trading bonus for newbies receives $90

BingX trading bonus for newbies receives $90

Conditions of participation:
– Register after the event starts
– The event is only for the HATIKTOKER MMO community, register through the link: https://bingx.com/invite/VLU3EZ
– Or enter referral code: VLU3EZ
– Complete the identity verification process (KYC)
– Requires users to Deposit and Trade on the Professional Contract Market

Deadline: April 26, 2024 ~ May 10, 2024

Note: The event is only available for a limited time. Please register and perform the task to receive rewards. Make sure you fully meet the participation conditions so you don’t miss the opportunity to win attractive prizes.

Rules for BingX registration event to receive a $90 reward
Time: April 25, 2024 ~ May 10, 2024


Mission 1
Complete KYC
10*5 Bonus
Mission 2
First time depositing money 10 USDT
20*5 Bonus
Mission 3
First time trading 100 USDT
30*5 Bonus
Mission 4
Cumulative transactions reached 20,000 USDT
10 USDT Trial money
Mission 5
Cumulative transactions reached 80,000 USDT
20 USDT Trial money

BingX trading bonus for newbies receives $90

Event regulations
The event is only for new users invited by KOL to register between April 25, 2024 ~ May 10, 2024;
Rewards for each mission will be limited to the 100 users who complete that mission as soon as possible, on a first-come, first-served basis;
The first deposit in Task 2 is the first deposit after registration. After depositing the corresponding amount for the first time, you will receive a reward. However, if the first charge does not meet the requirements, this mission will be considered a failure;
The first transaction in Task 3 is the first transaction made after registration. If the first transaction amount meets the required amount, you will receive a bonus. However, if the first transaction amount does not meet the requirements, this mission will be considered a failure:
Trading volume statistical range: Standard contract + Permanent contract

Statistical coverage of all trading tasks: Trading volume Standard Contracts + Perpetual Contracts
One user can receive up to 30 USDT Trial Fund + 60 USDT bonus, all mission rewards will be automatically released within 72 hours after the activity ends.
Trial vouchers are valid for 14 days and will only be issued for use in perpetual futures trading, at a rate of 50%
Users are strictly prohibited from using multiple accounts to earn rewards. Users using duplicate devices, KYC, etc. will be considered the same user. Once discovered, the right to participate in the event will be revoked;
It is strictly forbidden to use Trial Money to place matched orders. If detected, the amount of Trial Money received will be directly deducted;
BingX reserves the right to make the final decision of this event.

Above are details of the BingX registration program to receive a $90 bonus. Please follow the instructions correctly to receive the reward. If you have any problems, please join Tran Viet Ha’s group for support. Wishing you success and receiving money soon!

Group link: https://t.me/hatiktoker/1