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Let’s explore the performance of major Web Tool Websites

These are all webtool websites loaded with Free-To-Use Tools and they bring 2 to 110 Million Visitors every single month.

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Every single day, thousands to millions of people search for Free-To-Use Tools

Word Counter, Case Converter, Text To Binary, Time Converter, Online Flip Image Tool, JPG to PNG, Image To PDF, Image To Doc, PowerPoint To PDF, Word To PDF, etc

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Dear Struggling Friend,

I have been in this industry for the last 8 years and have created dozens of tools that have solved tons of common problems online marketers face such as… 

  • Site Backup,
  • Site Protection Against Hackers
  • Building 1000s of blog posts without hiring Employees
  • Ranking A Site
  • And Many More…

… but the ONE thing I ALWAYS had my eyes on was – finding a way to get my customers TRAFFIC… bucketloads of it!



Everyone needs traffic in some form or shape to get conversions. 

Whether it’s from email, search, display, or other means.

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Fact: Traffic = $$$

Traffic equals money. 

We monetize traffic And, we get conversions from traffic.

Without traffic, no online business can exist.

BUT – let me ask you… will any traffic do?

What about the quality of traffic?

How much money will you make from Traffic?

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Myth – Quality and traffic are inseparable

Traffic is either real or fake.

Even if the traffic doesn’t convert, it DOES NOT necessarily indicate an issue with the quality of the traffic.

It simply means that your offer and the needs of your traffic don’t align.

Change the offer, and your conversions will soar.

As long as you’re attracting real traffic (i.e., real humans and NOT bot traffic)…

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Take a look at the real Traffic we’ve been generating in the last Few months using brand new Web Tool Websites

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And NOT just that…

What if WE ALSO Provide You With Tools And Resources To CONVERT & MONETIZE the Traffic from Web Tool Websites?


It’s not exactly Rocket – Science!

More Visitors = More Profits

Universally, for any website, a good conversion rate falls between 2 percent and 5 percent

Just for a moment, consider this..

We have a website that receives 1 million visitors every month

And we promote an affiliate offer that pays us just $8.50 for every sale.

(Again….. being very realistic here. Most affiliates offer 50% commissions, and a $17 price tag is very normal)



1M Visitors + 2% conversions…

20,000 Sales X $8.50 = $170,000


1M Visitors + 5% conversions…

50,000 Sales X $8.50 = $425,000

Mind-blowing… Right?

Launching a fully automated Web Tool Website in just 3 Straightforward Steps


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What Total Beginners Are Saying About AIKPT TOOLS PRO

Take A Look At The Kind Of Numbers We Have Been Pulling In The Last Few Months…

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The Ultimate Web Tool Site Builder Designed To Elevate Your Profits At An Unprecedented One-Time Cost

  • 60+ FREE Internet Tools That Are Useful In Daily Online Activities
  • Drive Organic Traffic In Millions All Day Long
  • PowerPoint to PDF, ICO to PNG, Text to Slug, YouTube Thumbnail Downloader… & other such tools on your site in just seconds
  • Place Banner Ads At Any Strategic Spots On The Site 
  • Earn Commissions Using Affiliate Marketing
  • Register once and use forever for free
  • DFY Blog Builder With Built-In 500+ DFY Content Sources To Drip-Feed Your Site Everyday
  • Complete In-Depth Video Training 
  • Special Bonus: Get 30 Reseller License If You Purchase Today
  • And a lot more…

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Test Drive Policy: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Special Bonus* “30 Reseller Licenses” If You Buy Today

aiktp tools pro


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Utilize a website with over 60 tools in just 60 seconds

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Auto-rank on Search Engines with SEO-Optimized Blog Posts added on a daily basis

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Generate income from advertising on the website

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Save time and money on hosting, domain, & hiring blog writers, freelancers

Text Analysis Tools



Online Calculators



Unit Converters



And Many Other Tools


AiKTP TOOLS PRO Is A Risk-Free Investment 

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So you’ve been warned that this incredible price will disappear as the timer strikes zero!

Here’s Your Exclusive & Limited Chance To Avail AIKTP TOOL PRO At The Lowest One-Time Cost

Thiet ke chua co ten 4

Test Drive Policy: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Special Bonus* “30 Reseller Licenses” If You Buy Today

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